“Transport” – a simple way to get past those fish guts!

I regularly walk near a busy boat ramp. Despite its charms, there are always old pieces of fish, discarded guts, hooks and other dangerous pieces of rubbish littered around.  Eventually I will teach the young ones to “walk on by” but until then Transport keeps us all safe, clean and happy.

Transport is an essential life skill, especially when your dog is young and in training.  Teach it well and practice often, so that your dog understands the cues and will move easily with you.

The teaching steps are illustrated below:

Transport is taught by Kay Laurence at Learning About Dogs

Step 1: Stop still and hold the lead so that the dog cannot reach the (un!)desired object.
Step 2: Call or walk to the dog, feeding the lead through your hands so that she cannot move to the object.
Step 3: Once you are beside the dog, shorten the lead so that she has enough room to move comfortably, but will remain right by your side.
Step 4: Connect with her using a kind word and a light pat. (Note: Only do this if safe to remain in the same place, in some cases it may be best to move on as quickly as possible)
Step 5: Stand straight ensuring that the lead length remains short but comfortable for the dog and set off at a brisk pace. The pace will encourage the dog to move quickly with you and set a clear cue that Transport is happening.
Step 6: Once past the object stop, relax, reconnect with your dog using a smile, kind word and pat.
Step 7: Lengthen the lead and recommence your walk as before.

4 comments on ““Transport” – a simple way to get past those fish guts!

  1. I love this, Julie. Transport has been one of the gems I took away from our class with Kay; I have used it countless times and shared it with many dog owners. Thanks so much for posting! With your permission I will share this on my HALO Facebook page.

  2. Fantastic Julie, really well explained and illustrated.

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