Welcome to Delight in Dogs! Are you ready to learn more, get to know your dog and really enjoy your lives together?

My name is Julie and I am a dog trainer. I work with people who love their dogs, helping them learn the skills and knowledge to truly connect and build great relationships.

So here is a little secret that seems very un-dog-trainer-ish: I like dogs to be dogs. I like doggy behaviour. It makes me laugh and smile. It is who they are and I love them for it. How fair is it to expect them to not jump, dig and bark? Why shouldn’t they be overjoyed when we come home? How hard it must be to Sit when all they want is to smother (slobber!) us in love?

These may seem like challenging behaviours, but I like to find ways that dogs can express these natural needs without causing permanent harm to your favourite shoes or to the garden… and yes, it can be done!

I believe that most people want to do the right thing for their dog, often they just don’t know how. For most of my life I have lived with dogs of various ages, sizes and personalities, each one has brought a new area of “Huh…???”  Dogs are indeed as varied as humans!

Understanding how to adjust the environment and training plan to each individual dog is an important part of what I do, as is teaching the knowledge necessary to carry the training into the future. I may visit several times, but the dog is yours for its lifetime.

A wonderful relationship is the foundation for successful learning. To support this I use food, play, connection and affection to teach.  Modern dog training is based on the science of how animals learn and ethics dictate which parts of that science a trainer chooses to apply. I choose to use supportive, motivational techniques that avoid pain, fear and suppression. Our dogs are our family and deserve respect and kindness.


 MY STORY – in brief!

We bring dogs into our lives with dreams of cuddles and company, of a warm wet nose on our knee and fun romps at the beach. Sometimes however, these dreams burst like bubbles on the dream beach’s wet sand… at least they did for me.

I had the easy dog, the attentive dog, the playful and the affectionate dog and then came Rumble. Rumble gave me the gift of understanding that not all dogs are the same; in fact some are downright different!  My natural doggy understanding was completely insufficient for this aloof, sensitive pooch instead I had to learn – and learn I did. Rumble took me on a journey that changed my life, a journey that continues today with the help of my young boy Merlin and his BFF Bonnie.

If you are interested in reading more about how my dogs influenced my training journey, please read the blog post: Life, Love and Learning: the ethics of living with dogs


Dogs are everywhere, but despite this they are one of the least studied animals. Perhaps this is due to the wonderful relationship we naturally have with them, formed by hundreds of years of co-evolution. I am often surprised at how tolerant dogs are with us!

Rather than continue to take this relationship for granted, there has been an explosion of interest in and studies about our canine companions. The knowledge arising from this is enriching the dog-training field. Continued education enables a dog trainer to best respond to the needs of the canine and human client.

To this end I continue to learn as much as I can and remain curious about what the next discovery will be.

Below is a list of my studies, both human and canine, so far:

  • BA (Hons) – The University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Management Development Program- Myer Stores
  • Diploma of Education – Monash University
  • Instructors’ Course – Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club (MPCDC)
  • Instructor – MPCDC
  • Chief Instructor – MPCDC
  • Train the Dog Trainer – Australian Dog Trainers Academy (ADTA) 2007
  • Train the Puppy Trainer – ADTA 2007
  • Conduct Companion Animal Training Class – ADTA 2009
  • Jan Fennel seminar
  • Brenda Aloff Get Connected workshop
  • Terry Ryan Chicken Camp
  • Michele Pouliot online Canine Freestyle Course, Karen Pryor Academy
  • Ian Dunbar seminar
  • Intelligent Dog Trainers’ Course (IDTC) Certified with Recommendation by Kay Laurence, Learning About Dogs (LADS) 2012 & 2013.
  • Clicker Training weekend workshop by Tricia Dunlop DogSpeak
  • Mentor in the IDTC 2014 & 2015
  • Kay Hargreaves Wagging School weekend seminars on resource guarding
  • Assistant (“Border Collie”) on the Five Go To Sea conference May 2014.
  • Trainer Accredited Kay Laurence (TAKL) 2015 -2017
  • Julie Flannery Rally Freestyle Elements weekend workshop
  • Proprioception (balance and co-ordination) seminar, Primal Paws, hosted by Chews
  • Puppy class instructor Mornington Peninsula Community Dog Club 2016
  • Ken Ramirez Smart Reinforcement online course, Karen Pryor Academy
  • Super Clicker Trainer Seminar by Kay Laurence at Marin Humane Society in California
  • LADS Play to Learn online course 2017
  • LADS Micro-movement online course 2017
  • TAKL-fest 5 day seminar by Kay Laurence at the Barn 2017
  • TAKL 2017 Tutor
Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc (APDT)