A little blog on poo – a key to your dog’s health and happiness!

So here’s the thing, most doggie people are quite obsessed with their dogs’ poo.

It sounds weird and a bit gross, but it is true. While I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, my phone offered up a wonderful assortment of poo photos from my Gallery to share. More on why later…

I was walking with a friend last week and watched with interest as her dog toileted. Out came wonderful, well-formed nuggets and we both celebrated.

Okay maybe this is a bit unusual and probably more information than you needed, but there is a very good reason for our poo preoccupations. Both of our dogs have severe gastrointestinal problems and after months to years of runny, sloppy stinky-ness a nice firm poo is something to be celebrated!

As to the photos on my phone… my vet has been working with me to heal Merlin’s gut and daily pictures of his emissions help her to judge his progress. See, not so strange after all!

Oh I decided not to share my poo gallery with Facebook friends, I’m sure they see enough of their own dog’s poo.

Poo is important. Our dogs can’t tell us how they are feeling. The shape, size, colour and smell of their productions can give us a great deal of information. A good poo should be firm, moist and have a mild odour. It is generally chocolate-brown in colour, but this can depend on what your dog eats. Any poo that differs from what is normal for your dog needs to be taken seriously.

By the way these happy little poo emoticons… are not healthy poo shapes at all!!

Sorry, it’s true!

Every morning I collect my bucket, spade and walk around our large block with dogs in tow. I call it the Poop Scoop. It serves to exercise my ancient terrier mix and gives all the dogs the opportunity to sniff, wee and yes to poo after being locked in the house all night. I can recognise each of the dog’s personal poo signatures: Scallywag’s are small, light and tight as a result of her special kidney diet, Rumble’s are in segments and spread apart because he shuffles forward as he poos – probably due to back stiffness, Bonnie’s are well-formed and usually in the middle of the path because she was toilet-trained in a tiny area on gravel with no grass. Merlin’s poos are elusive. His gastrointestinal issues and nervy nature mean that he sometimes needs to go for a walk to poo. If I can’t find his on my Poo Scoop, I know that a once around the block is needed and diet tweaking must be done.

As to why Rumble needs to poo right on top of long grass or spiky plants… I really have no idea.  Or why Merlin poos whilst cocking his leg – just weird!  But I do know that the next house we buy will have the back door exit closer to where they sleep so that elderly dogs don’t drop their nuggets on the way…

I’ve come to enjoy our quiet morning time together, they sniff and read the passage of the night’s critters and I sniff and read the passage of their night’s …

So two little pieces of advice to finish this little blog on poo:

  1. Get to know your dog’s personal poo: colour, shape, size and smell (oh yes!)
  2. Please always pick up after your dog!

For the full scoop on poop: When Your Dog’s Poop Looks Like This, Visit Your Vet, by Dr. Becker



2 comments on “A little blog on poo – a key to your dog’s health and happiness!

  1. Ha Ha. Love the article! Bella likes to poo on long spiky plants, grass and bushes AND cocks her leg (apparently this must help…) AND walks along or circles – often to sniff what she has just deposited while still depositing!

  2. Bella’s toilet habits are very unusual! Just another way that they express their individuality:-)

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