A little blog on poo – a key to your dog’s health and happiness!

So here’s the thing, most doggie people are quite obsessed with their dogs’ poo. It sounds weird and a bit gross, but it is true. While I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, my phone offered up a wonderful assortment of poo photos from my Gallery to share. More on why later… I was walking

“Transport” – a simple way to get past those fish guts!

I regularly walk near a busy boat ramp. Despite its charms, there are always old pieces of fish, discarded guts, hooks and other dangerous pieces of rubbish littered around.  Eventually I will teach the young ones to “walk on by” but until then Transport keeps us all safe, clean and happy. Transport is an essential life skill,

*Rules* of Play

  I had to relax and let go of the *Rules* I had to let him relax by letting go of the *Rules* There is no doubt that playing with our dogs needs to be done with thought and consideration. For example play that is too rough can spill over into every day interactions causing


This morning I learned that my beautiful Rumble has a cancerous lump.  Tomorrow he will be put under general anaesthetic and the lump removed. The tears are just leaking out of my eyes. Even when I don’t think I am thinking about it, they come. What the future holds for Rumble is uncertain, maybe a great

About Us

Julie  I live in a beach side town in beautiful Australia with my husband and three lovely dogs Scallywag, Rumble and Merlin.  Our son and his girlfriend are constant visitors and add a fourth dog to the mix, sweet little Bonnie.  Needless to say it is a very busy home! I have always loved dogs

Delight in Dogs!

Most of us have dogs because they give us so much pleasure.  We love their soft fur, dewy eyes, unconditional affection and funny antics.  Loving them is really, really important as at times it can be downright hard to Delight in Dogs.  Dogs chew our shoes and pull chunks out of the carpet, they bark..